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The fresh taste of the land

Today, hospitality entrepreneurs from over 100 countries will again be serving over 80 different types of Farm Frites French fries, potato specialities and appetisers. Fresh from the land in every restaurant. Our secret? Building on solid rural values and close partnerships. Working efficiently but always thinking flexibly. We’ll keep on doing that, now and in the future. Growing together, from potatoes to happy faces.

Growing together …

Farm Frites started as an independent family company in 1971. We’re still the same today, only with a much bigger family. Because that’s how it feels; working and growing together with our customers, partners and staff every day. And by really understanding each other, we help each other to make progress in the right way. Together, we are committed to providing the tastiest potato products every day. 

from potatoes …

Together with our growers and agronomists, we ensure the best potatoes for our potato products, while respecting nature. That starts with researching, growing and selecting and continues through processing and packaging. Our agricultural knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation for more than 50 years. Together with our partners, we work continuously on our growth in the potato world. Sustainability plays an important role in this.

… to happy faces.

We make people across the world happy with our products. That’s why we do it. We study cultures. We are curious and dedicated; we want to know what motivates our customers and what is happening in local markets. The main theme? That’s always quality. Because satisfied clients and happy customers are our best ambassadors. But we don’t stop there. We continue to research and pioneer. We follow and discover new developments. And see how we can do things more sustainably. This enables us to continue to surprise our customers, working together to enable as many people as possible around the world to enjoy our delicious fries and potato specialities. That makes us happy!

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