Our departments


This department is worth its weight in gold! Finance processes administration, monitors financial processes and manages cash flows. And we go one step further: we analyze and monitor data and share it in financial reports. This is how we determine and manage our budgets. Are you good with numbers, do you think in solutions and do you work in a structured way? Then you'll fit in perfectly at our Finance Department!

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department is made up of real people. Our HR professionals contribute significantly to the success of Farm Frites as they recruit the talent for Farm Frites. And they do more. Like (further) developing training programs and our HR policy and putting our company on the map as a pleasant employer. Can you see yourself contributing to this?


Our ICT department keeps us running. Our IT specialists take care of maintenance, expansion and security of our ICT facilities. They provide support for installing and updating applications, hardware and software. Technical problems? ICT solves them quickly. They are also constantly looking for opportunities to improve and innovate so that Farm Frites runs on the best technology. Are you coming to help us?


A happy customer is our best ambassador! At Farm Frites the customer is central to our thinking and actions. Our sales team does everything to meet the needs of our customers. They think with us, give advice and go the extra mile to be a reliable partner and to put our (new) products in the spotlight. After all, a customer's success is also our success! Will you help us sell the best French fries in the world?


Restaurants around the world enjoy serving delicious French fries and potato products. The Marketing department puts our products in the spotlight and in the market. By understanding our customers' business, supporting them and achieving their goals with our products. This is how we work towards successful customers and happy faces. Growing together ... from potatoes ... to happy faces! Does this make you happy too?


Operations keeps the processes in our production locations running smoothly. An important role! Because we want to make the best and most tasteful potato products; food-safe and safe for our people: suppliers, partners and employees. Do you have a critical eye and do you always see opportunities to improve our processes? Then we are looking for you!


In the Agro department we focus on the basis of our products: the potato. Our agronomists know everything about the potato and all its various qualities. How are the crops doing? When can we harvest? How do we store a harvest as long as possible? What is a reasonable price for a kilo of potatoes? At our Agro Department they can tell you in no time. Are you or do you want to become a potato connoisseur? Join the club!

Supply Chain

How do we make the chain of goods and services as efficient and sustainable as possible, from supplier to customer? That's what our Supply Chain colleagues are working on every day. They manage our storage, inventory, purchasing and planning, which is a challenging puzzle. Because we strive for cost-efficient production, the lowest possible but sufficient stock and as little environmental impact as possible. Do you like a puzzle? Join us!


The Support department is there for happy faces. These service stars speak to our customers, give good advice, process orders and organize transport. Are there complaints? Then they investigate them and deal with them properly. Because with us, the customer is king. Every day is different in this department: sometimes you have to improvise quickly, other times you have to think strategically about the long-term vision. Something for you? 


Our rescuers in the maintenance department are on standby when technology fails us. To prevent this as much as possible, they maintain all electrical and mechanical machines in our production location. They also monitor the continuity of processes in order to identify and possibly prevent breakdowns in time. Are you one of those technicians who likes to keep us running?

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